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於 2019-04-30 11:34 AM回覆 People are hotly debating whether voucher purchases count...

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If only the previous post by 以太 could be revived... Does anyone know whether the conversion from AM to MB is still as dead as a dodo? Thank you.

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東亞銀行信用卡:每階段累積合資格交易滿指定金額,該階段憑獎分兌換「分分獎賞集」現金券/簽賬額可享高達25%現金回贈。詳情: !受條款約束。 One's hunch is that this is not an attractive promotion; otherwise there would have already been discussion here.

於 2018-09-30 11:31 AM回覆" Thanks are due to that public-spirited blogger for his informative post. Voucher purchases do not seem to be excluded but the second-hand prices have now fallen under 0.95. Very little if any profit left. Alas, happy dying together! 除特別註明外,此推廣計劃只適用於以適用信用卡於百老滙(「商戶」) 之香港分店 (「分店」) 或網上商店 ( (「網上商店」) 所作之零售購物簽賬 (「合資格簽賬」)。其他交易包括但不只限於分單交易、預繳、郵購/傳真或電話購物、其他繳費服務費、沒有簽賬存根之交易、及所有取消、退款、偽造、未誌賬或未經許可之簽賬均不適用。分期付款之簽賬只適用於優惠3。同一適用信用卡賬戶號碼的主卡及附屬卡之合資格簽賬將一併計算。

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滙豐發言人指,留意到與PayMe有關的信用卡欺詐事件,目前正協助警方調查。 全港逾100萬PayMe用戶注意!近日WhatsApp瘋傳一段訊息,指有PayMe用戶本周日(16日)先後收到兩次滙豐銀行的短訊通知,指綑綁PayMe的信用卡將共5千港元,存入PayMe的戶口內,然後不翼而飛,疑被人盜用,並已到警署報案。 滙豐發言人指,留意到與PayMe有關的信用卡欺詐事件,目前正協助警方調查,相信只有少數案件涉案,指客戶可以放心,PayMe賬戶及電子錢包內的金錢不會受到事件影響。 該行呼籲用戶若發現有可疑的信用卡交易,應立即聯絡銀行,並通知警方,同時強調該行會定期檢視PayMe各方面的運作,並實施適當的安全措施。

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東亞銀行信用卡:特選客戶憑……結尾之信用卡於階段1(1/5至31/5/18)、階段2(1/6至30/6/18)及階段3(1/7至31/7/18),每階段累積零售簽賬達HK$……,可享HK$……回贈;HK$……,可享HK$……回贈;HK$……,可享HK$……回贈;所有階段可享高達HK$……回贈!累積海外簽賬滿HK$5,000更額外享HK$100回贈。推廣須登記。登記及推廣詳情請瀏覽 。受條款約束…… E-wallets: No chance.

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One would not be writing this post but for the tragic death of the CCB-HSBC combo. One was perfectly happy with the 0.8% rebate then despite the 1% rebate (albeit in PK vouchers) offered by BEA Flyer. Now one is left with BEA (1%) and Citic Bank (0.55%).   Percysmith will no doubt remember his earlier exchanges with the writer of the article below published elsewhere.   One is always prejudiced to believe that those who care for cash rebates or vouchers such as oneself are hardly as sophisticated as those who fancy miles, and especially those expert players like Max and Percysmith.   The writer of the article below assures cash rebate seekers that they are not losing out, but one cannot help taking his (?) optimism with a pinch of salt. Given that Percysmith is willing to pay for miles by using the overdraft loophole to play the CCB 939 promotion, one does wonder if one should not enter this game, albeit as a complete beginner.   So could one ask members to share their thoughts on their choice between Asia Miles and cash rebates? It would be particularly appreciated if those who have converted from one to another could let us know their reasons for so doing. If you find this thread unworthy of your reading, please accept one's apologies.     Best Cashback Credit Cards – No fuss, similar rebate (4 Jan 2015) Am I losing out? To ease your worry, I have performed some basic calculation for comparison. AsiaMiles Based on an average of HKD 5 spending per mile (assuming you use Standard Chartered WorldMiles – one of the lowest), you would need to spend HKD 300,000 (HKD 5 x 60,000) for the redemption. Total Discount: HKD 6,300 / HKD 300,000 = 2.1% Grocery coupon Total Discount: HKD 100 / HKD 5,000 = 2.0% For cashback credit cards, you would be able to enjoy around 1% discount. Doesn’t seem like a big difference now. Think about how much time you save without performing menial tasks of points redemption. So kiss those headaches goodbye!

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Thanks are due to that generous blogger. Most if not all here know to whom one is referring. Thank you, DXX. That said, one is curious why this promotion seems to have gone unnoticed. Surely some must have already dog-rushed. *港幣$50拍住賞儲值額回贈(「獎賞」)- 條款及細則 以下推廣優惠(「優惠」)由2018年3月23日至2018年5月31日 (包括首尾兩日) (「推廣期」): 此獎賞只適用於成功啟動拍住賞付款服務(「拍住賞」)並上載有效身份證明文件副本之客戶(「客戶」),及於推廣期內於本地或海外(包括中國及澳門)接受銀聯支付之商戶(「商戶」)以拍住賞銀聯卡消費累積滿港幣$500或以上並完成付款(「累積消費」)。累積消費須根據於結算當日釐定的匯率計算為準。 推廣期內此獎賞之名額上限為40,000位客戶,先到先得。如對此獎賞有查詢,請致電拍住賞服務熱線2888 0000。 每位客戶(以有效身份證明文件號碼計算)只可享此獎賞一(1)次。 此獎賞將於推廣期完結後三(3)星期内自動存入客戶之拍住賞賬戶。 客戶的拍住賞賬戶須於獲取此獎賞時仍然有效,否則此獎賞將被取消而不會作另行通知。 此獎賞不可兌換現金、禮品、服務或折扣。 若客戶取消消費或向商戶就消費申請退款,此獎賞將會被即時取消而無須事前通知。 HKT Payment Limited(「HKT Payment」)對商戶提供的貨品、產品及服務質素或任何其他事宜概不承擔任何責任。商戶將負上其所提供之貨品、產品及服務的義務及法律責任。 HKT Payment保留隨時更改或取消優惠及/或修訂或修改此等條款及細則之權利而無須事前通知。如有任何爭議,HKT Payment的決定是最終及具決定性的。拍住賞受拍住賞付款服務條款及細則約束。如有任何疑問,詳情請瀏覽拍住賞網站或致電拍住賞服務熱線2888 0000。 本條款及細則的中英文版如有任何差異,一概以英文版為準。 #海外簽賬手續費豁免 - 條款及細則 以下推廣優惠(「優惠」)由2018年3月23日至2018年5月31日 (包括首尾兩日) (「推廣期」): 此優惠只適用於成功啟動拍住賞付款服務(「拍住賞」)並上載有效身份證明文件副本之客戶,及於推廣期內於海外(包括中國及澳門)接受銀聯支付之商戶(「商戶」)以拍住賞銀聯卡消費。 此優惠不可兌換現金、禮品、服務或折扣。 HKT Payment Limited(「HKT Payment」)對商戶提供的貨品、產品及服務質素或任何其他事宜概不承擔任何責任。商戶將負上其所提供之貨品、產品及服務的義務及法律責任。 HKT Payment保留隨時更改或取消優惠及/或修訂或修改此等條款及細則之權利而無須事前通知。如有任何爭議,HKT Payment的決定是最終及具決定性的。拍住賞受拍住賞付款服務條款及細則約束。如有任何疑問,詳情請瀏覽拍住賞網站或致電拍住賞服務熱線2888 0000。 條款及細則的中英文版如有任何差異,一概以英文版為準。

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The same sort of offer again: A transaction amounting to at least $500 is required by 30 April. Two other promotions (one of them being AAVS) are shown on the flyer but perhaps not worth mentioning at all.

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Looks like various versions abound.From that public-spirited blogger: