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retrieved from bochk website. 請問各位師兄,大神如果使用旅遊賞Visa Signature Card 喺海外消費,超過6000 ,有8%回贈; 是否可以重疊呢個回贈 5%, 即係簽 18000, 有 HK$500 + HK$900= HK$1400 ?

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各位前輩,大神。請問將要買一家人機票,大概 約 HKD 30,000,但以TWD結算。用邊張卡抵D, 我有 HSBC Premier ( 目前有海外消費前20位送 CX 15,000) 但我覺得我應該無機會入first 20 HSBC VS - 2.4+1.2%= 3.6% CCB Eye- 5X 積分 ICBC VS & 金沙 World  SC- Asia miles (可惜唔係 CX website 買) DBS - VS & Black BOC - 大灣區    

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各位師兄,師姐, 2月申請Eye card, 用期3個禮拜批核,第一個月用CCB Eye card簽佐 15,258, 5X以爲只有76,290積分,但居然有86,808分。點解呢?    

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SC 登記佐 Boardway 獲得 5% rebate HSBC VI (Home) 禮拜5 去買 有 14X 獎賞錢 你會用邊張Card?

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AE CX Elite Vs HSBC VI 最紅海外簽賬,你會用邊張卡?AE 迎新海外簽賬 HK$ 3/Mile。

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目前邊張信用卡有最高cash reward 或者 Bonus miles, 準備簽相等于 HKD 40K (USD 7000) 旅遊產品  目前有DBS Eminent 6% (簽其中 HKD5000)  SC Visa Platinum ( 登記佐 50,000 送 30,000 miles) 但差少少 ICBS Explore -> 0.5% cash reward HSBC Premier & Signature (賞家居,似乎冇用) Thank you. Cheers

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去臺灣旅行:13-20 Jul, (1) HSBC Premier; (海外每100 多CR$5/ 每HK$500) (2) DBS Eminent & BLACK (M) (6% 海外簽賬) (3) SC World Miles (4) Shacom 銀聯雙幣鑽石, 4月申請,6月30批卡,應該旅行前可以拿到,有3X 積分海外簽賬 (5)ICBC Chimlong 鑽石卡( 不考慮用,主要 miles ) 各位建議用邊張卡好,Thank you.

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Obtained TU report at TU office at suite 1006 / 9 Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui. Category: A Score: 99.89% Credit history only shows from Oct 2009 until today, which means it only counted the last 5 years. Credit card applied in 2014: SC - Plat Visa and AE world miles DBS- Plat Visa - Eminent- World Black Hangseng Bank- VI Visa It seems even if you've applied many credit card within a year, it won't effect you credit rating/score. First time being rejected for a credit card was Citi Prestige. (Reason was given: checked my credit report and based on the information provided.) However, I called CS manager Ms Leung today and provided my credit report information, she felt strange too and requested an appear for me. She said the decline message did not mention I don't have enough salary, and it's only shown that based on the credit report. However, my credit report is defintely outstanding. Don't know how to upload pic, otherwise will upload a pic of my credit report's rating and score.

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Received notice letter today for my Prestige CC, which is not successful. Annual income: 530K Rental income:  180K Total of  HKD 710 K. Possibly they dun count rental income. What a pity, can't get the 40K AM.

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我見好多關於Mileage,cash rebate 嘅post. How about travel insurance? 如果去旅行,用邊張卡買機票或者旅遊package得到嘅旅遊保險保障更多保障? 目前有:HSBC Premier; DBS Eminent; SCB PLT & AE; and BOC Singapore Airlines PLT 好似 HSBC Premier 同 DBS Eminent 信用卡提供嘅旅遊保險好D。