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New promotion for asiamiles http://m.e.asiamiles.com/webApp/miles_more_ways_to_earn_2018_hk_en 1 September to 31 October 2018  

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https://www.redhotoffers.hsbc.com.hk/tc/latest-offers/summer-everywhere/ 27/6 -31/8 Similar to last year. 1400RC cap + Manning 600 RC cap

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$172100 回 $500 (0.29%) 少到得人畏懼。

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Plan to buy 4x UA air tickets about HKD$50000. I plan to use other currency such as TWD or CNY or USD. Credit card will charge me 1.85% to 3% depends on which bank. Need to charge $8xx more, but I can earn more asia miles. If using DBS black card: HKD$ = $6 per mile; Foreign currency = $4 per mile If using Fubon: HKD$ = $12 per mile; Foreign currency = $3 per mile (My HSBC 6x is Manning; HSBC 10x is not applicable) (My eye card 6x 13x are all exceeding the promotion ceiling) Dear brothers: any good suggestion Which credit card is the best for using foreign currency at this time??