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Please continue discussion in this new thread. 卡Cum卡Rebate 一週年 (網上結餘轉戶)

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特選客戶,6月14日至23日期間登記每22,000獎分兌換HK$100現金獎賞。獎分結餘為截至6月6日。登記熱線:3608 6608

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Just accept HSBC CUP Diamond invitation. Now receive an email from Hang Seng. Plan to eat both.

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I had chosen cash rebate scheme with GSRC dual currency card since my card is issued. The last statement stated that I have 400 bonus points. I also checked the account information through internet banking. The cash rebate for last statement is only HKD 2. What I have spent in the last statement were HKD 872 and RMB 720. The correct rebate should be HKD 7.96. I also called the bank's hotline today and the voice response system also fail to bring me to a customer service representative. I think the bank did not test the new system properly before it went live.