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Anyone had issue with this promotion? Amex CS tried to convince me that Shangri-la prepaid rate paid through Shangri-la mobile App is not Qualifying Purchase. I think the reason is the prepaid rate was billed as Shangri-la Quarry Bay (Shangri-la headquarter?) instead of the hotel I booked.  So system can't auto apply the rebate to my account. And  now they they are trying to avoid the rebate whenever it is possible.

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Hi guys, I will be in China for one year assignment. Which card should I use there for daily spending?  Thanks Kircheis

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I have been using this card for more than 3 years. Never get any retention offer. I usually spend 200k-300k per year with this card. Thanks Kircheis

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Hi guys, I will have a 100k HKD oversea spending this month. I have AE CX Elite, Fubon Plat, Citi PremierMiles. Which one is better? Or should I apply another card. Thanks Kircheis

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Hi all, I am planning to spend HK$ 60,000 oversea in about two months. I currently haveCX Elite and Fubon. Should I apply for Amex Plat Creditcard to maximize the milesearning.   Fubon: I will get 20,000 miles Amex Plat: 33333 miles (first 50,000 spending)+ 1333 (theother 10,000). Need to pay 1600.   That means I am paying 1600 for 14666 miles. Doesn’t looknice enough.   Thanks