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So terrible. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2018/11/30/private-data-500-million-marriott-guests-exposed-massive-breach/

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I am sure some of you already known that the 'new' lounge in our airport at gate 1. https://www.plaza-network.com/location_detail?airport=Hong%20Kong%20International%20Airport&city=Hong%20Kong   I have called the CS of Plaza Premium and have confirmed that the following card holders are eligible to access it free of charge! 1. CCB (Asia) UnionPay Diamond Prestige Credit Card http://www.asia.ccb.com/hongkong/personal/credit_cards/unionpay_diamond_prestige_card.html Complementary Access to Plaza Premium First Hong Kong Enjoy up to 3 complementary access to Plaza Premium First at Hong Kong International Airport5.   2. The Club member 白金卡會員:免費享用貴賓室服務2次* (包括1次Plaza Premium First及 1次環亞機場貴賓室) https://www.theclub.com.hk/tch/membership-rewards-plaza Hope this help.  

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To all chings, I know, previously, HSBC has promotion for selected clients only.  Any other advice? Thanks.  

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由即日起至2018年8月13日,成功申請滙豐Visa Signature卡1、滙豐白金Visa卡或滙豐滙財金卡,可享價值高達港幣2,000元獎賞! https://retailbank.hsbc.com.hk/promo/newcardoffer/zh-hk/home/ I wish I am eligible to apply it.

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Just found the following news from HSBC website https://www.redhotoffers.hsbc.com.hk/tc/latest-offers/hktaxi-x-mastercard/how-to-use/create-a-payment-account/

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Just find the following news: https://www.redhotoffers.hsbc.com.hk/tc/latest-offers/red-hot-flash-special/adidas/ 由2018年6月8日至14日,憑卡於指定adidas或Reebok店舖單一簽賬滿港幣600元,即可獲港幣200元adidas或Reebok現金券! 「最紅熱捧限定」將個個月送上新款優惠,敬請密切留意。 2018熱捧優惠 ZUJI(1月):訂機票滿港幣1,000元即減港幣200元 一田超市(2月):簽賬滿港幣300元可獲港幣60元一田現金禮券 OK便利店 ( 3月 ) : 購物滿港幣30元即減港幣15元 一風堂( 4月 ) : 指定拉麵買一送一 港航假期( 5月 ) : 訂購旅遊套票滿港幣3,000元即減港幣600元

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5 Most Exclusive Credit Cards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbHbaK-0MrM

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Just find that I cannot use HSB credit cards to repay other credit cards.  Any chings have similar problem?? Does HSB change it's policy??

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Previously, I have applied BOC Sogo card and have received 5% rebate so far.  However, since last month, I have noted that BOC selectively rebate my purchase: Bill Date Transaction Date Transaction Details New Transaction Amount Credit Amount 17-05-2017 16-05-2017 SOGO (CWB 4/F) 14 HONG KONG HK 299.5 17-05-2017 17-05-2017 5% DISC. SOGO CWB HONG KONG HK   14.97 24-05-2017 23-05-2017 SOGO (CWB 20/F) 14 HONG KONG HK 4,326.00 24-05-2017 23-05-2017 SOGO (CWB 1/F) 14 HONG KONG HK 931 24-05-2017 23-05-2017 SOGO (CWB 2/F) 14 HONG KONG HK 236.8 24-05-2017 23-05-2017 SOGO (CWB 2/F) 14 HONG KONG HK 127.2 24-05-2017 24-05-2017 5% DISC. SOGO CWB HONG KONG HK   11.84 24-05-2017 24-05-2017 5% DISC. SOGO CWB HONG KONG HK   6.36 It selectively rebates the 'small' amount transactions, i.e. $236.8 and $127.2. However, it does not rebate the 'large' amount transactions, i.e. $4326 and $931. I have called the CS of BOC.  She explains that 5% rebate only applies for the product of Regular Price (does not include discount product).   Any chings have similar experience before?  

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Recently, I have installed Uber app in my Andriod machine.  It is so smart that it will automatically setting payment to Andriod Pay. And I have set the default card as Motion card in my Andriod Pay.  I would like to ask whether it should have 5% reward as I am using Andriod Pay.  Any chings can share some experience?  Thanks.