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CCB actually on waiver until further notice #3   The following banks do collect cross-border fee:Visa and MC: Dah Sing, BEA starting 30 Jun 15, BoC starting 1 Jun 15 Fubon starting 1 May 15 Citic starting 1 Dec 16 SCB/Manhattan (Visa starting 30 Mar 19)AE Citi Cash Back AE charged, but no points will be awarded: DBS charged: Bankcomm CCB Citi HSBC Hang Seng Wing Lung #344 --- (Original post) Suppose many of us has received change of T&C notice from CCB w.e.f. 1 Jun 14: "3.1 Cross Border Transactions in Hong Kong Currency Handling Fee - a fee will be charged for every transaction if (i) such transaction is made outside of Hong Kong or with a merchant not registered in Hong Kong; and (ii) the transaction amount of which has been simultaneously converted into Hong Kong currency by the merchant" The fee is disclosed as 0.8%. I checked with two CS, one who corrected his answer after consultation with supervisor: CCB will deem any transaction in HKD by non-HK merchant to have been converted into HKD. So not only will DCC merchants be affected, online merchants processing overseas such as Paypal SG will be affected as well. This is not compliant with a literal reading of the proposed T&C change, but we can all presume they can further change the T&C to say any HKD transaction outside HK will be charged. --- Anyway no point crying over spilt milk, we now have to plan to avoid it. Use HSBC 6X overseas (, SCB AE or BEA Visa if we are aware the merchant is overseas processed. Here's the list I'm aware of: Paypal HK (sometimes SG) PAYPAL *WANGYUELTD xxxxxxxxxx HK PAYPAL *XIAOMIHKLIM HK (mid Jun 15) SG (early Apr 16) PAYPAL *CITS MACAU HK PAYPAL *UBER BV xxxxxxxxxxx NL Groupon CH/IE Internet HK UK Zuji Limited Hong Kong HK (from Jan 2014) Virgin Atlantic redemption GB (for revenue ticket this will be billed from HK) BA Avios redemption GB Korean Air (ex-HKG) HK Jetstar Asia (ex-HKG) HK Jetstar Pacific Airlines (ex-HAN) MELBOUR AU Airasia (ex-HKG) HK Airasia (Malasian domestic) MY AIR CANADA PARIS HK Air China (ex-HKG) CN AIG Travel Guard HK Jeju Air - (suspected) KR Air China HK Cebu Pacific PH Spotify US/Stockholm SE GB Google Play store (app purchases) (GBR) FR (for Japan hotel) (sometimes HK) Thai Airways online (ex-HKG) TH IDT1529 GB Tiger Airways (ex-HKG) SG Entertainer CY UBER HK NL Rates2go GB CPA Australia Ltd Hong Kong HK Paypal HONGKONGGOL SG AirAsiaGO FR AIRBNB AIRBNB.COM GB (no more HK since 2016) FEDEX Hong Kong Hong Kong HK VENERE COM FR FR HOTELS.COM ES ZH.HOTELS.COM  HK Peach ex-HKG PEACH WEB OSAKA JP PAYPAL *WANGYUELTD xxxxxxxxxx HK KALIGO HOTELS SINGAPORE SG STRAWBERRYNET.COM DOUGLAS GB SG ITUNES.COM/BILL ITUNES.COM LU APPLE STORE HONG KONG HK    SG    IE VANILLA AIR TOKYO JP TRAVELPLANET ATHINA GR Jetstar JPN HK (ex-HKG one-way and return trips) JETSTAR JAPAN JP (ex-Japan one-way and presumably return trips) (in JPY) ASIANA INTERNET HK CTRIP.COM (HK) LTD 32900 HONG KONG (in HKD) Ctrip Internation GB CTRIP SH HUACHENG TRAVEL SHANGHAI CN (Traditional Chinese) (in RMB) HK EXPRESS AIRWAYS 15000 HONG KON HK (ex-HKG return) WWW.HKEXPRES000000 TOKYO JP (ex-Japan one-way) (in JPY) EVA AIR69520019372366 HONG KONG HK (Watsons online) WTC ECOM NT HK SCOOT PTE HK (ex-HKG itin) TRIPSTA ATHINA GR CHINAAIRLINE HONG KO HK (ex-HKG) ANY TOURS ENTERPRISES LTD HONG KONG VIETNAM AIRLINES - HKD HA NOI VN (ex-HKG) TIME (Magazine subscription) 852 [phone number] AMSTERDAM NL FORTUNE (Magazine subscription) 852 [phone number] AMSTERDAM NL Air NZ Christchurch HK (ex-HKG) AIR NZ ONLINE AUCKLAND NZ (domestic) LUFTHANSA [Air ticket number]KOELN      HK LUFTHAN PAYPAL COM DE (ex-HKG) KOBO INC CA NINTENDO ESHOP DE SWISS INT HONG KONG HK (ex-HKG) 2C2P - Mileslife SINGAPORE SGP KKday Paypal HK Casetify HK FOREO US Zalora HK HK LOOKFANTASTIC.COM  GB HOMESTAY.COM   IE MASSDROP US

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May 2019 "With effect from August 1, 2019, the complimentary access to the non-lounge airport experiences via the Priority Pass Membership will be removed from the Card Benefit. The Card Benefit does not cover access to non-lounge airport experiences. Non-lounge airport experiences are non-lounge airport lounges including, but not limited to, restaurants, cafes and bars where a food/beverage credit is offered instead of entrance into a traditional airport lounge." Source says it is global change

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Citi Alerts: There was a transaction / pre-authorization of USD1.00 on your credit card ending with 9306 on 2018-11-23 at 00:03:23 HK time. For ref. only. I was prewarned by big group, so I shut down the card within 5 minutes of being charged.

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I've been given a query on Amber (Landmark Mandarin Oriental) so I think a merchant list like cross-border merchants list is necessary Classifications: 5812: dining, definitely counts for dining promos 5813: bars, counts for most promos 5814: fast food (I think Starbucks is 5814), counts for most promos 7011: hotels, does not count for dining promo 3501-3722: hotel-specific MCCs, does not count for dining promo (Unionpay doesn't have these codes, hence we have some hotels that are hotels for V/M but dining for Unionpay)  Dining for V/M/Unionpay: Peninsula (payment at restaurants) Mandarin Oriental (payment at restaurants) Four Seasons W Le Meridien Hyatt Regency Grand Hyatt Harbour Plaza  (Harbour Plaza Metropolis, Kowloon Hotel, Harbour Plaza North Point) Park Lane Novotel Mira (Cuisine Cuisine, Yamm, Whisk) City Garden Hotel Hotel LKF (Azure) Hotel Panorama (AVA restaurant) Inter-Continental (Steakhouse) Inter-Continental (Harbourside) Park Hotel Panda Hotel The Pottinger Novotel New World Millenium Hotel Swire Hotels (East - Feast by East, Upper House - Cafe Gray Deluxe) Gold Coast (Cafe Lagoon) TKO Crowne Plaza L'Hotel Island South, Aberdeen Royal Garden Holdiay Inn B P International (Cafe by the Park) Conrad (Brasserie on the Eighth, Golden Leaf) Rosedale Hotel (Sonata) Sheraton (percysmith 2011-2014, yoshikisan #23, hksunshine #51, kyzo #123, c14101 #202, kazeshini #205)  Cordis (kazeshini #205) Hotel Icon (at-restaurant payment) Deliveroo      Hotel for V/M, Dining for Unionpay: Ritz-Carlton Inter-Continental (Spoon) Visa Signature Mira Yamm Lunch (online payment) (Not sure about CUP) Wanchai Renaisssance Harbour view (Not sure about CUP) Courtyard Marriott Sha Tin (Not sure about CUP) Hotel Jen - cafe malacca (amd930 #219)  Hotel for V/M/Unionpay: Shangri-La Peninsula (fax/email deposit payments) Mandarin Oriental (fax/email deposit payments) Marriott L Hotel Bay Bridge (汀蘭居) Shamrock Prince[/Hongkong/Gateway Hotel] (All Day Dining@Prince is 7011 for CUP) <-- someone pls confirm the last two? L'Hotel Causeway Bay 的 Corner 18  Hotel Icon (prepayment)   Disputed   Hyatt Regency TST (hotel: 1881oo #19; dining: D Y Jun 16, 力仔#29) Cityview Cafe (Yau Ma Tei) (hotel: philchan #43; dining: delpierotang #84) Regal (hotel: PCF #18, dining: 1881oo #150, kazeshini #205) --- Like cross-border list, please post when you have new data points. But please only post when you have one of the following data points: a. Bonus points/rebate posted for dining; b. You confirm MCC with credit card CS over the phone; c. Your card is a Mastercard, and the first letter of the authorisation code is F i.e. F12345 (only certain banks' Mastercards do this: SCB, CCB and BEA does, but ICBC do not); or d. Your card is a Unionpay, and "5812" appears in the merchant ID e.g. 088005758121010 e. DBS Omni or Primecredit Wewa displays the unposted/posted charge as dining Please do not post "FOOD AND BEVERAGES" or tips column as data points: e.g. Petrus Shangri-La Hotel FOOD AND BEVERAGES Base: Tips: Total:: (Petrus is MCC 3543 Shangri-La International, which is not a dining MCC for any bank's promotion)

於 2019-03-21 01:39 PM回覆 CUP $1.89/AM at 5k x 3 months, $1.93/AM at 30k x 3 months Visa $2.88/AM max. Only principal cards can register 3977 6211 18/7

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(updated  2 Mar 19) If miles are not desired:I. Overseas i. (not online/phone/fax) BEA - 4.4% for spending >=$500 (max $5,000/month) ii. (if online) CCB HK eye Card - 2.8% in cash rebate (2.0% online and 0.8% overseas bonus (see I(vii) below)iii. (to 31 Dec 19) HSBC 9X(Visa Signature)/6X(other HSBC) - 3.6%/2.4% in spending offset (HSBC Reward+) iv. SCB Simply Cash - 2% cash rebate v. Citi Cash Back Visa - 2% cash rebate vi. SCB Executive Platinum - 2% cash rebate vii. (to 31 Dec 19) DBS Eminent Plat/VS - 2% cash rebateviii. (to 28 Feb 19) Fubon Plat - 1.82% cash rebate (plus $10 if txn amt >=$500) (3.64% if Japan/Korea, 9.09% Taiwan) ix. Citi Prestige and Premiermiles - 1.5%-1.65% cash rebatex. ICBC Hoscope Visa Signature and Diamond CUP - 1.5% cash rebatexi. CCB HK (non-CUP) - 1.2% cash rebate (upon joining Travel Club membership)xii. SCB Worldmiles AE - 1.2% in supermarket couponII. Supermarket, dept store, telecommunications bills on autopay:i.  (to 30 Jun 19) BoC i-Card- 4%-6.67% in supermarket coupon (for max $1,111.11/month)ii.  (to 31 Dec 19) BoC 大灣卡- 4.4%-4.67% in cash rebate and supermarket coupon (for max $2,500/month)iii. (to 31 Dec 19) HSBC 9X(Visa Signature)/6X (other HSBC) - 3.6%/2.4% in spending offset (HSBC Reward+) v. Citibank Rewards - 2% on first $12,500 spending per month in supermarket couponsvi. (if Paywave, <$500 ) CCB HK eye Card -2.0% in cash rebate  III. Dining i. (Fast food category 5814 only on Apple Pay/Google Pay) BEA - 10% rebate (each spend <$500, max spend $1,000/month)ii. (to 31 Dec 19) HSBC 9X(Visa Signature)/6X (other HSBC) - 3.6%/2.4% in spending offset (HSBC Reward+) iii. BEA VS - 2.4% in supermarket coupon iv. Citi Cash Back Visa - 2% cash rebate (including hotel) v. Citi Amex - 2% cash rebate vi. CCB Tiramisu and Tastie - 1.2% in cash rebate, max $50,000/yearvii. BEA CUP - 1.2% in supermarket coupon IV. Travel agents i. Wewa Card - 4% in cash rebate (capped at $2,000 per cardmembership year) ii. (to 31 Dec 19) HSBC 9X(Visa Signature)/6X(other HSBC) - 3.6%/2.4% in spending offset (HSBC Reward+) (if online) CCB HK eye Card - 2.8% in cash rebate (2.0% online and 0.8% overseas bonus (see IV(iv) below)iv. CCB HK (non-CUP) - 1.2% cash rebate (upon joining Travel Club membership). All travel agency/airlines OK.V. Other retail spending i. (Sat, Sun not supermarket/department store/travel agency) BEA – 4.4% for spending >=$500 (max $5,000/month)?ii .  (to 31 Dec 19) (if online or <$500 Mastercard Contactless) BoC i-Card - 4%-6.67% in supermarket coupon (for max $1,111.11/month)iii.  (to 31 Dec 19) (if CUP Quickpass) BoC 大灣卡- 4.4%-4.67% in cash rebate and supermarket coupon (for max $2,500/month) iv. (if Cinema/Karaoke/Theme Park) Wewa Card - 4% in cash rebate (capped at $2,000 per cardmembership year) v. (if online) BEA i-Titanium 3% cash rebate (for max $6,666.66/month) (min $1,800/month)vi. (if online or <$500 Paywave) CCB HK eye Card - 2.0% in cash rebate vii. (to 31 Dec 19) PrimeCredit earnMORE CUP - 2.0% in cash rebate (for first $200,000 in 2019) ICBC Horoscope Visa Signature and Diamond CUP - 1.5% cash rebateix. SCB Simply Cash - 1.5% in cash rebate (0% for card-present insurance premium)x. DBS Black AE - 1.2% in cash rebatexi. Amex Blue Cash - 1.2% in cash rebate xii. Citi Prestige - 1-1.15% cash rebate xiii. Citi Cash Back Visa - 1% cash rebatexiv. Dah Sing One+ Card - 1% cash rebate (to 31 Dec 19) DBS Eminent Plat/VS - 1% in cash rebatexvi. PrimeCredit earnMORE Platinum - 1% cash rebatexvii. SCB Executive Platinum - 1% cash rebate (0.5% for card-present insurance premium spending)xviii. Citi Amex - 1% cash rebatexix. SCB Worldmiles AE - 1% in supermarket coupon  VA. Autopay i. ICBC Horoscope Visa Signature - 1.5% in cash rebateii. SCB Simply Cash - 1.5% in cash rebate iii. PrimeCredit earnMORE Platinum - 1% cash rebateiv. SCB Executive Platinum - 1% cash rebate (0.5% for autopay insurance premium payments)v. SCB Worldmiles AE - 1% in supermarket coupon VI. Bill payments (insurance premium bill payments get points unless otherwise stated)i. (to 5 May 19) ICBC Horoscope Visa Signature and Diamond CUP - 1.5% cash rebateii. Citic Intl (Plat or higher) - 0.55% in cash rebate (capped at lower of 100K or credit limit/month) ($10K cap from 25 Feb 17) iii. ICBC - 0.5% in cash rebateiv. CCB Visa Infinite - 0.5% in cash rebate (capped at 12 times credit limit per year for bill payments)v. HSB enJoy - 0.5% in supermarket coupons (cap $10K payment/$50 supermarket coupons/month) vi. Fubon Plat/Titanium - 0.45% cash rebate (0% for insurance premium bill payments) vii. BoC - 0.4%-0.67% in supermarket coupon (cap $10K payment/month)viii. CCB - 0.4% in cash rebate (capped at 12 times credit limit per year for bill payments)ix. HSBC (Plat or higher) - 0.4% in spending offset (HSBC Reward+)(cap $10K payment/$40 spending offset/month)  VII. Octopus AAVS i. (to 31 Dec 19) PrimeCredit earnMORE CUP - 2.0% in cash rebate (for first $200,000 in 2019) ICBC Horoscope Visa Signature and Diamond CUP - 1.5% in cash rebateiii. SCB Simply Cash - 1.5% in cash rebate iv. Dah Sing One+ Card - 1% cash rebate v. PrimeCredit earnMORE Platinum - 1% cash rebate vi. SCB Executive Platinum - 1% cash rebate vii. (to 31 Dec 19)  DBS Eminent Card - 1% cash rebate viii. Citi Cash Back - 1% cash rebateVIII. China Unionpay RMB spending (Note 1)i. (HSBC Dual Currency Unionpay card) (to 31 Dec 17) HSBC 6X - 2.4% of RMB amount in spending offset (HSBC Reward+) (Note 1)ii. Bankcomm Diamond Dual Currency Card - 0.8% of RMB amount on restaurants or hotels  >= RMB300 in HK$ supermarket coupons (Note 1)iii. Dah Sing Unionpay - 0.5% in cash rebate (rounded down to nearest dollar i.e. RMB199 will not be rebated)iv. ICBCA Guangshen card - 0.5% of RMB amount in HK$ cash rebate (Note 1)v. CCB Unionpay cards (core, AIA, Pui Ching) - 0.4% of RMB amount in RMB cash rebate IX. Electronic wallets i. Payme #1071 ii. Wechat #1 iii. (to 31 Dec 19) Alipay Boc CUP Diamond 4% cash rebate (capped at $100 per month)Note 1: Rebate % in HK$ terms is less than stated % because banks use RMB for calculating points earned but coupons are HK$. For instance, at HK$1.23/RMB, HSBC 6X is 1.95% not 2.4%. CCB CUP is an exception because it offers RMB cash rebate

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Wish I knew about this earlier...

於 2018-12-10 08:55 PM回覆 Sorry I can't hat tip who brought this to my attention. I did in Another Place. Selected customer - list now available with CCB CS (or just key in your card number into webpage above (3724 7939 hotline will register all cards so not useful to find out if you are selected customer)) Registration: 3724 7939 or above (open now). One card registers all Includes all V/M/CUP under selected customer Customised target number (mine: $5,000) Two phases: 15/6-14/7, 15/7-14/8 3X/10X reduces 939 cap Cards must be opened by 21 May 18

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Had to open new thread because old threads on this topic are closed. Had no problems with my HK issued cards buying anything in France whatsoever - unmanned metro stations or vending machines. BUT cannot make some unmanned petrol stations work this time. They don't work even when I stick in an Australian Chip-and-PIN Visa Debit in either, and I saw a German also had difficulty, so the petrol stations may be limited to French cards. Workaround - 1) find manned petrol station or 2) drive to another station and try again (some unmanned TOTAL stations accept HK chip cards without pin as before)