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https://www.citibank.com.hk/chinese/credit-cards/m900.html 收到依個,應該喺來頂東亞的。 payme $5000 + $3000 就可以穩拿 $300 coupon?! 今個月咁啱要簽大額,之後兩個月就未必得。 各位師兄師姐,有無其他更好的選擇?

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「信用卡網上繳費服務交稅優惠」優惠期:2018年12月1日至28日(優惠由登記日起計) 一經登記,客戶憑名下合資格之恒生信用卡(主卡)透過恒生個人e-banking「網上繳費服務」繳交稅款,可享下列之優惠(稅款金額可合併計算) : 繳交稅款之總金額 Cash Dollars獎賞 HKD10,000 – 少於HKD50,000 -$70 Cash Dollars; HKD50,000 – 少於HKD100,000 -$100 Cash Dollars; HKD100,000 – 少於HKD200,000 -$250 Cash Dollars; HKD200,000或以上 -$500 Cash Dollars. https://www.hangseng.com/cms/emkt/pmo/grp04/p53/chi/index.html

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  Terms & Conditions for Asia Miles Extra 10% Miles Promotion 1. The Asia Miles Extra 10% Miles Promotion (“Promotion”) is valid from 9 February to 9 March 2018, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”). 2. This Promotion is only applicable to selected Asia Miles members who are the addressee of this email issued by Asia Miles Limited and reside in Hong Kong (“Eligible Members”). Residency is determined by the member's preferred mailing address as registered with Asia Miles. 3. Eligible Member has to be a cardholder of the credit card(s) issued by any of Asia Miles Finance Partners in Hong Kong (“Designated Credit Cards”) in order to be eligible for this Promotion. Please visit this link and view the “Other Partner Credit Cards" section on Asia Miles website for the list of Asia Miles Finance Partners in Hong Kong (“Finance Partners”). 4. Eligible Members who convert reward points (“Points”) from the Designated Credit Cards into Asia Miles based on any miles conversion (“Regular Miles”) during the Promotion Period (“Eligible Miles Conversion”) will be entitled to extra 10% Miles (“Extra Miles”). Please check with the Finance Partners directly regarding the list of Designated Credit Cards (which are eligible for Asia Miles conversions) and note that the miles conversion rate may vary among cards. 5. Eligible Members are required to fulfil the following in order to be eligible for the Extra Miles: • Eligible Members are required to register via the designated link in the email during the Promotion Period. Each Eligible Member is required to register once only; • The activity date of the Eligible Miles Conversion shown on the Eligible Member’s Asia Miles monthly statement must fall within the Promotion Period (Note: The activity date is defined by the date when the Finance Partner(s) of the Designated Credit Cards process(es) the request of Eligible Miles Conversion). Asia Miles Limited is not responsible for any delay in the processing of request and accepts no liability; and • The Regular Miles earned from Eligible Miles Conversion must be credited to the Eligible Member’s Asia Miles account on or before 31 March 2018. The crediting period for Regular Miles varies among Finance Partners. Please check with the respective Finance Partners for details. Asia Miles Limited is not responsible for any delay in the crediting of miles and accepts no liability. 6. There is no limit to the number of Designated Credit Cards and number of Eligible Miles Conversions used for earning the Extra Miles. All Eligible Miles Conversions will be entitled to Extra Miles. 7. Eligible Miles Conversions do not include miles earned via the following conditions and thus they are not eligible for the Extra Miles: • Miles directly converted from American Express Cathay Pacific Credit Card/ Corporate Card and Standard Chartered Asia Miles MasterCard (“Co-branded Cards”); • Miles earned from the welcome offer or renewal offer of Designated Credit Card or other banking products; or • Miles earned from other banking products. 8. The Asia Miles membership account of the Eligible Members must remain valid when the Extra Miles are credited.The Extra Miles will be credited to Eligible Member’s Asia Miles account within 6 to 8 weeks after the end date of the Promotion Period. Eligible Members shall notify Asia Miles Limited if they do not receive the Extra Miles by 31 May 2018; otherwise, Asia Miles Limited accepts no liability and will not be liable for any compensation. 9. Asia Miles awarded through this Promotion are non-refundable, non-reversible and non-transferable. 10. In case of discrepancy between the English version and Chinese translation of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail. 11. Asia Miles Limited reserves the right to alter or terminate the Promotion and amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. 12. All matters or disputes will be subject to the final decision of Asia Miles Limited. 13. Other Asia Miles terms and condition apply.  

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請問有無師兄系join過做member可以分享用飲食卷的經驗? 看visa 網站有$1588 offer (原價$2088) 給VS and VI 的持卡人 吾知抵吾抵,想試下

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剛十二月出了bea flyer So far 簽了2.2k 還有6.8k 先拿到迎新 有Hsbc vs 今個月只簽了一次1.2k dining (dining 2x only) 來緊會簽一次4k retail(不能食 vs 3x) 我應該簽bea 儲夠 9k迎新 + festive rewards 定 hsbc 8k spending玩最紅好開始? 大前提系我foresee 唔到兩月底前spending 會食到所有優惠 最後剩返2.8k 應會online 訂機票 或 dining 食埋 謝謝各位賜教