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I have booked a trip with Agoda using the "Pay Later" function on 4th Jul 2017. At that time, I was given two options, either pay now or pay later on 15th Jul 2017 for the same price of TWD eqv. of JPY38,780, which is TWD10,448 as of 4th Jul 2017. I chose pay later, knowing I have to bear the FX fluctuations of JPYTWD. On 15th Jul 2017, Agoda charged me TWD10,912, while FX rate barely moved. Called Agoda today, they are willing to refund the difference of TWD464.80 but declined to explain why there is such difference, citing the FX rate was provided by third party. Be careful everyone. If you want to pay later, you better pay in hotel's currency so they cant rip you off.

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係咪拎住外國返香港既Boarding pass就可以? 入面有冇野食, 係咪同airside一樣

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證券學會AE 白金卡年費減半, 即係俾小$800 但係入證券學會第一年學會年費收900 (大學/asso畢業/HKDSE 都可以) 可唔可以入左會之後再馬上申請信用卡 第二年唔續學會之後仲可唔可以保留AE白金卡, 繼續有白金卡年費優惠?